Mapping the Talent Triangle

Training aligned with standards

What is the PMI Talent Triangle®?

In the past, Registered Education Providers focussed on allocating training hours to the various knowledge areas of the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK® Guide) and aligning our own stringent quality controls and reviews with the standards set by the Project Management Institute.

In a far-reaching change to course alignment, the PMI now demands all providers align their courses with a much broader range of concepts including leadership and business strategies, to better prepare the project workforce for the demands of a modern enterprise. The three complementary areas now sought in a training course are project technical skills, leadership and strategic and business knowledge.

Our courses are already aligned with this new training strategy and we are ready to help you succeed!

Man taking project planning notes from laptop

Technical Project Management Skills

The traditional Project Management disciplines of Scope, Schedule, Quality and Risk Management are still vital in all projects.

Our highly regarded courses in fundamental project management skills will provide you with insight and competency in these core areas:

  • Project Management Course: Essentials
  • Project Management Course:  The Complete Guide
  • Project Management Course: Managing Projects with Microsoft Project
  • Project Management Course: Risk Management
Man carrying project management report folder

Project and Team Leadership

Modern companies now expect strengths and skills in project leadership and team work, competencies that can motivate diverse work forces comprising different cultures, different training and different levels of responsibility.

We already offer two recognised courses in team management and project leadership, with more scheduled for later in 2019:

  • Effective Stakeholder Management
  • Managing Project Stakeholders
Chess board illustrating strategic project management

Strategic Project and Business Management

The ideal project management skill set — the Talent Triangle — not only includes both technical and leadership skills, but strategic and business management expertise that contributes to the organisation’s bottom line.

Our courses on business case development and strategic project alignment will help you master these advanced skills:

  • Making the Business Case
  • The Project Management Office